Mobily Prepaid 360

The Mobily Prepaid Weekly Bundle is a great option for people who want an affordable, temporary way to keep in touch. It’s a wonderful choice for weekly users because it strikes a great mix between price and key functionality.


It sounds like a dream to have an infinite supply of minutes to all networks, doesn’t it? You can make this dream come true with Prepaid 360. But there’s still more. You may browse the internet, use streaming services, and download everything you want without worrying about using up all of your allotted data when you have unlimited data. Additionally, you receive unfettered access to Twitter X, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp if you’re an avid social media user.

You can get more than just a mobile plan for 2343.48 SAR, VAT included, when you recharge; you’re getting access to an unlimited digital experience. Your days of keeping track of minutes and data are ended, as the validity is only for one month (4 weeks).

How to Subscribe?

  • Price: 343.48 SAR
  • Internet: Unlimited
  • Social Media: Unlimited
  • All Net Minutes: Unlimited
  • Subscription code:  Send 360 to 1100
  • Status : Send 4 To 1411
  • Validity: 4 weeks

How to Sub to Prepaid 360 Package?

Purchasing a Prepaid 360 subscription is simple. Simply write “360” and send it to 1100 in a message. It really is that easy! Your digital life is instantly upgraded—there are no long forms to fill out or waiting periods.

How to Unsub to Prepaid 360 Package?

A shift in the plan? Not an issue. Just as simple as subscribing is unsubscribing. All you need to do is write “0360” in a message and send it to 1100.

How to Check Your Remaining Data?

Even with an abundance of materials at one’s disposal, it is always a good idea to keep educated. You can instantly receive an update by texting the number 4 to 1411 to check your consumption.


Mobily Prepaid 360 is a lifestyle option for people that don’t respect boundaries, not just a bundle. This plan is designed to meet the needs of all customers, from heavy social media users and professionals who need constant connectivity to others who just value the freedom of having unfettered access.

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