Mobily Prepaid Weekly Bundle

Introducing the Mobily Prepaid Weekly Bundle, a small-sized, feature-rich bundle designed for anyone looking for a good mix between low cost and lots of connectivity. This bundle includes everything you need to stay connected without committing to a long-term plan, whether you’re a social media whiz, a professional hustler, or someone else.


You may wonder, what do you receive with 25 SAR. Let’s dissect it, then:

  • Minutes to All Networks: You can call any network for a total of 100 minutes. That is more than enough for those last-minute conversations with coworkers or catch-up talks with friends.
  • Data Distribution: You can use 2 GB of data for emailing, light streaming, and necessary web browsing.
  • Social Media Data: In addition, this bundle comes with a dedicated 2 GB for use on social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter X, and WhatsApp. Ideal for staying current with your favorite content and social networks without using up your primary data allotment.
  • Cost: All of this is available for a reasonable 25 SAR, with VAT to be charged at the time of recharging.
  • Validity: The 7-day plan is ideal for short-term requirements or a test run.

How to Subscribe?

  • Price: 25 SAR
  • Internet: 2 GB
  • Social Media: 2 GB
  • All Net Minutes: 100
  • Subscription code:  Send 25 to 1100
  • Status : Send 4 To 1411
  • Validity: 7 Days

How to Sub to Prepaid Weekly Bundle?

It’s quite easy to get started with the Mobily Prepaid Weekly. Simply enter “25” and send it to 1100 via message. You quickly come to terms with a strategy that is both cost-effective and efficient.

How to UnSub to Prepaid Weekly Bundle?

Have you decided this package isn’t for you? Not to worry! You can unsubscribe by messaging “025” to 1100.

How to Check Your Remaining Data?

Do you want to monitor how much you use? Text the number 4 to 1411 to remain informed. This short step helps you manage your resources effectively by providing you with information about the minutes and data you have left.


The Mobily Prepaid Weekly Bundle is a great option for people who want an affordable, temporary way to keep in touch. It’s a wonderful choice for weekly users because it strikes a great mix between price and key functionality.

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