Mobily Prepaid 75

Your pass to a smooth, fully connected mobile experience is Mobily Prepaid 75. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to stay connected however it best fits you, whether for business or personal use. Let’s see how this strategy maintains your connection without sacrificing any.


Bid farewell to the headache of tracking minutes or worries about data caps with Prepaid 75. Get 500 minutes to use for calls to any network, making it ideal for people who enjoy drawn-out discussions or frequently need to make calls for business or pleasure. That’s not all, though. Additionally, you receive a massive 5+5 GB of data, so you will have more than enough to accomplish anything you want to do, like stream, browse, or download.

Boost Your Social Media Experience by Twofold
Fans of social media, rejoice! An extra 5+5 GB are included with this package, and they are only to be used on social media sites including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter X, and Facebook. Without worrying about how much data you use, you can stream your favorite material, stay up with pals, or share your tales.

Convenience Meets Affordability: Costed 75 SAR.
This bundle, which is attractively priced at 75 SAR (VAT paid upon recharge), is the perfect balance of cost and functionality. Its four-week, one-month validity period accommodates both those who want a free-form approach to mobile data and those who require a long-term solution.

How to Subscribe to Prepaid 75 Package

It’s easy to get started with Prepaid 75. Simply type 75 and send it to 1100 in a message. You can experience an infinitely connected universe in a matter of moments.

How to Unsubscribe from Prepaid 75 Package

In the unlikely event that you need to change your plan, canceling is as easy as it is. You can now transfer to a more suitable plan by sending 075 to 1100.

How to Check the Remaining Resources

To check your remaining minutes and data, send the 4 to 1411. Stay informed and manage your resources effectively.


For the connected person, Mobily Prepaid 75 is more than simply a phone plan—it’s a lifeline. For people who require a lot of data and calling minutes without having to worry about top-ups all the time, this is the best option. It sticks out as a top option for mobile consumers due to its simple subscription, ample data allotment, and flexible terms.

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