Mobily Prepaid 110

Mobile The Prepaid 150 can get you unrestricted This bundle, which offers an excess of minutes, data, and unrestricted social media access, is made to satisfy the needs of the contemporary world. Prepaid 150 covers all of your demands, whether you use social media extensively, are a working professional, or are just trying to stay in touch with your loved ones. You now have complete control over your communication needs with ease of subscribing, unsubscribing, and resource monitoring.


Are you sick and weary of frequently running out of data and minutes on your phone? All of those concerns are eliminated with Prepaid 110. What comes in this wonderful package is as follows:

To All Networks, Minutes: Take advantage of an incredible 1500 minutes to maintain contact with your loved ones and coworkers. Don’t limit how much time you spend talking; just speak freely!

A massive 10 GB of ordinary data are included, in addition to an extra 20 GB for ultra-smooth streaming and browsing. This plan covers everything you might possibly want to do, from watching your favorite TV show in marathon sessions to checking emails.

Social Media Data: With an amazing 15 GB available for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter X, and WhatsApp, Mobily has you covered for all you social butterflies out there. Keep up with the most recent posts and trends without worrying about data exhaustion.

Affordable Price: The Prepaid 110 bundle costs just 110 SAR, including VAT at the time of recharge. Considering the abundance of resources it provides, this is a great deal.

Extended Validity: You can utilize your resources more freely and don’t have to use them all at once thanks to their one-month (or four-week) validity span. Use your package at your own speed and stop keeping an eye on the time.

How to Subscribe?

  • Price: 110 SAR
  • Internet: 10+20 GB
  • Social Media: 15+15 GB
  • All Net Minutes: 1500
  • Subscription code:  Send 110 to 1100
  • Status : Send 4 To 1411
  • Validity: 4 weeks

How to Sub to Mobily Prepaid 110

Subscribing to this amazing package is a breeze. Simply follow these easy steps:

Type 110: In the recipient field, type “110.” Hit the send button, and you’re good to go! You will receive a confirmation message shortly, welcoming you to the Prepaid 110 family.

How to Unsub from Prepaid 110

If you ever want to stop receiving Prepaid 110, it’s really simple to do so—though we really hope you don’t!

Note: Open the messaging app and write a new message.

Type 0110: In the recipient field, type “0110”.

You can select the send button to receive a confirmation message after successfully unsubscribing from your package.

Checking Your Remaining Data

To make sure you never run out of resources when you need them most, it’s critical to monitor what resources you still have. To check your balance, simply do the following:

Write a Note: Enter “4” in the recipient field. Forward It to 1411: You will get a thorough analysis of your remaining minutes, data, and social media data if you send the message to “1411.”


Mobily Prepaid 110 offers a great bundle that guarantees you have the tools you need at your fingertips in a world where keeping connected is essential. This bundle is your go-to connectivity partner because it offers a ton of minutes, data, and social media access at a reasonable price. Get your subscription now to enjoy the flexibility of continuous communication.

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