Great news for freelancers in 2024

According to the details, an agreement was reached between the government of Pakistan and PayPal, the company that runs the global money transfer and online payment system.

Under the agreement, in-country remittances will be channeled through PayPal through a third party.

PayPal operates a worldwide online payment system that allows money to be transferred online and operates in 190 markets around the world.

Caretaker Federal Minister for IT Dr. Umar Saif while giving the good news of the possibility of remittance through PayPal in Pakistan said that the government has solved the long-standing problem of freelancers and remitted them through the international gateway PayPal. Made transferable.

He said that the Ministry of IT is ready to channelize remittances through PayPal as well as other digital initiatives from next week.

It should be noted that Pakistani freelancers and e-commerce professionals have long called for the introduction of PayPal.

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