Agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for Annual Hajj

An annual Hajj agreement has been concluded between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD: An agreement has been reached between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj 2024.

The Spokesperson of Religious Affairs has said that Saudi Minister of Hajj Tawfiq Al-Rabiyyah and Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed have signed the Hajj General Agreement.

The spokesman says that the International Hajj Expo will start today in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in which more agreements will be made in view of the convenience of the pilgrims.

The spokesman for religious affairs has further informed that the Pakistani delegation will visit the stalls of companies providing facilities to pilgrims.

It should be noted that a short period of Hajj has also been introduced this year.

In short Hajj, pilgrims will return after performing Hajj in 20 or 21 days, while there will be no draw in sponsors scheme, if pilgrims want to stay in Madinah for 4 days instead of 8, then the package will be reduced by 30 to 35 thousand rupees.

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