Big Step taken By Govt Regarding to PayPal In 2024

The government has taken a big step for those who want to have a PayPal account.

According to the details, Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr. Umar Saif while talking to journalists said that the Cabinet has approved the National Space Policy to allow private sector companies to use low-orbit satellites in space. Is.

He said that Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication is ready to launch several digital initiatives next week including channelization of remittances through PayPal, delivery of smartphones to consumers in easy installments as well as IT graduates. A standardized quality test for individuals is also included to make Pakistan a tech destination.

Dr. Saif said that PayPal is not coming to Pakistan but an agreement has been reached whereby the remittances will be channelized from PayPal through a third party. In this regard, the formal opening ceremony is scheduled on January 11.

Dr. Saif said that his ministry will launch another initiative from January 12, 2024 with the support of all other stakeholders of telecom companies under which consumers will get latest model phones on easy installments.

The IT minister said that Jazz is planning to offer the iPhone on installments. In case of failure to pay the installments, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will order the handset on the pattern of Device Identification, Registration and Blocking Systems (DIRBS). will block

The caretaker federal minister for information technology said the aim is to encourage responsible financial behavior and ensure that smartphone penetration continues to expand.

The IT minister said that under this policy, telecom companies will be able to offer smartphones directly to consumers through installment plans, thus extending the benefits of mobile broadband in Pakistan, especially to the low-income segments. will expand.

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