Zong Monthly Super Card

Zong provides its customers with a complete bundle called Zong Monthly Super Card, which is affordable and convenient. Users who purchase this bundle receive a variety of materials for the entire month at no extra cost or hidden costs.

Package Details:

  • Price: 800
  • Internet: 10 GB
  • Zong Minutes: Unlimited
  • Off-net Minutes: 250
  • SMS: Unlimited
  • Subscription code:  *6464#
  • Status : *102#
  • Validity: 30 Days

For a month, customers may get voice minutes, SMS, and mobile Internet with the Monthly Super Card. The monthly card comes with 250 Off-net minutes, 10 GB of internet, and unlimited Zong and SMS minutes.

Total Cost:

The Monthly Super Card costs Rs. 800 per month, which includes all applicable taxes and other fees.

Validity of Package:

Users are free to utilize all of the materials included in the bundle for its whole month-long validity.

Details of the Subscription:

Users may activate this bundle by dialing *6464# and pressing 4 to subscribe to the Monthly Super Card. After subscribing, the package will become active in a minute.

Information about Unsubscription:

Users can phone *6464#, respond with 4 for All-in-One Bundles, reply with the appropriate bundle to unsubscribe, and reply with 3 to unsubscribe from the Monthly Super Card. If customers need assistance canceling their subscription, they may also contact the Zong hotline.

Why Choose a Zong Monthly Super Card?

If you want a full package for an entire month at a reasonable price, the Zong Monthly Super Card is a great option. The following are some advantages of selecting this package:

Cost-Effective: Compared to subscribing to each resource separately, consumers may obtain a mix of resources at a reduced cost when using the Monthly Super Card, making it an economical bundle.

Convenience: Users don’t have to deal with constantly increasing balance or resubscribing because the package gives them access to all the resources they require for a whole month.

No Extra Fees: The bundle gives customers total transparency on the cost of the package by including all taxes and extra fees.


For consumers looking for a full package for a month at a reasonable cost, the Zong Monthly Super Card is a great option. Voice minutes, SMS, and mobile data are all included in the bundle, along with taxes and other fees. For regular Zong customers, the bundle is a useful alternative because it’s simple to subscribe to and unsubscribe from based on usage.

Terms & Conditions

The taxes listed below will be charged.

  • Each time you recharge, 15% advance income tax is charged.
  • Use is subject to a 19.5% FED (where applicable).
  • 19.5% GST is charged during use, if relevant.

How to Check Zong Monthly Super Card?

  • Enter *102# and answer as soon as possible in 30 seconds by choosing one of the alternatives below:
  • To view a summary, press 1.
  • To view minutes use, press 2.
  • To see SMS information, press 3.
  • To view your data use, press 4.
  • To access information about the My Zong app, press 5.

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