Ufone Digital Grand Offer

Building relationships with family and friends as well as colleagues is more crucial than ever in the fast-paced digital age. One of the top telecom companies in Pakistan, Ufone, presents the feature-rich Ufone Digital Grand Offer, a bundle that may meet all of your communication demands. With a wide selection of features, such as numerous SMS, fast internet, and ample minutes, this bundle makes sure you’re never far from your loved ones.

Ufone Digital Grand Offer Overview

Ufone customers may get a fantastic discount on a complete communication bundle called the Digital Grand Offer. This bundle, which costs Rs. 1500, offers a ton of advantages, such as 10,000 U-U and PTCL minutes, 1000 Off-Net minutes, 100 GB of Internet, and 10,000 SMS. This deal, which has a 30-day validity period, makes sure you can stay online all month long without worrying about running out of resources.

  • Price: 1500
  • Internet: 100 GB
  • U-U & PTCL Minutes: 10,000
  • SMS: 10,000
  • Subscription code: *6060#
  • Status : *706#
  • Validity: 30 Days

Key Features of the Digital Grand Offer

For those who depend significantly on telecommunications services, the Digital Grand Offer is a great option because of its many amazing features. Let’s examine these attributes in more detail:

Off-Net Minutes: You may easily make calls to other networks with 1000 Off-Net Minutes. This function makes sure you’re always connected, whether you’re corresponding with pals on various networks or keeping in contact with clients.

Minutes of PTCL and U-U
With the amazing 10,000 minutes provided by the U-U & PTCL Minutes feature, you may talk as much as you like on PTCL landlines and the Ufone network. This functionality will come in handy whether you’re making business calls or just meeting up with buddies.

100 GB of internet data are generously provided with the Digital Grand Offer. You may connect on social media, stream movies, browse the web with ease, and keep up with the newest trends and news with this large quantity.

With the Digital Grand Offer, text messaging is a simple way to express oneself. You may send sincere messages, remain in touch with your loved ones, and update everyone with a whooping 10,000 SMS.

How to Subscribe?

It’s simple and quick to sign up for the Digital Grand Offer. To take advantage of the package’s many advantages, simply follow these steps:

  1. Take a call and dial *900#.
  2. A menu with subscription choices will be sent to you.
  3. Choose the Digital Grand Offer option from the list.
  4. Follow the instructions to verify your subscription.
  5. You may begin taking advantage of the package features as soon as your subscription is approved.


In the telecoms industry, the Digital Grand Offer is revolutionary since it provides an unmatched set of advantages at a reasonable cost. This package makes sure you’re constantly in touch and informed with your loved ones with 1000 Off-Net Minutes, 10000 U-U & PTCL Minutes, 100 GB Internet, and 10000 SMS. You may enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and smooth communication for all your personal and professional requirements by subscribing to this plan.

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to improve your communication skills. To sign up for the Ufone Digital Grand Offer, dial *900# right now. With Ufone, you can be informed, connected, and in the know!

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