Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages


Being connected is now essential in the ever changing world of digital technologies. Many Pakistanis now choose to Ufone postpaid internet bundles due to the rising need for high-speed internet. What then is the big deal? Hold on as we go down the features and benefits of Ufone’s internet packages.

 Ufone PrimePlay Series

Customers who want more from their internet are catered to via Ufone’s PrimePlay series. These packages are made to accommodate a range of spending levels and needs. Let’s explore each one in detail.

PrimePlay 825

With its incredible 13 GB of internet for just PKR. 825, this plan makes sure you’re never without online. This bundle won’t let you down whether you’re streaming, gaming, or participating in online meetings. To activate, just dial *989#.

13 GB

Price: 825

Dial: *989#

PrimePlay 550

For PKR 550, you can get 8 GB of internet with PrimePlay 550, which is ideal for the average user. It successfully strikes the ideal mix between usability and price. To activate it, quickly dial *656#.

8 GB

Price: 550

Dial: *656#

PrimePlay 275

Want to stay online but don’t require a lot of data? For just PKR 275, you can get 4 GB with the PrimePlay 275. For people who mainly use the internet for email, chat, and light surfing, it’s a wise choice. To get started, enter *434#.

4 GB

Price: 275

Dial: *434#

PrimePlay 120

The PrimePlay 120 is perfect for people who don’t use a lot of data or who are constantly close to Wi-Fi areas. You receive 1.5 GB for PKR. 120, which is ideal for sporadic use. To turn it on, dial *323#.

13 GB

Price: 120

Dial: *323#


It’s critical to keep connected in the fast-paced world of today. Everybody can enjoy high-speed internet with Ufone postpaid internet packages, regardless of their usage habits or budget, thanks to a variety of alternatives. There is a bundle just for you, ranging from the powerful PrimePlay 825 to the entry-level PrimePlay 120. You’re investing in smooth connectivity, high-quality service, and a hassle-free digital experience when you choose Ufone over other internet packages.

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