Ufone Mini Super Card


Today’s fast-paced world requires a mobile network that is both economical and dependable. To meet the various demands of its clients, Ufone Mini Super Card provides a selection of practical and affordable mobile bundles. One of its well-liked products is the Mini Super Card, which is a complete bundle that includes talk time, SMS, and internet data on one card.

A prepaid plan called Mini Super Card provides customers with an easy and comfortable mobile experience. For Rs 420 for 15 days, you can get 3 GB of internet data (1 GB each for Facebook, WhatsApp, and the Internet), 1000 U-U and PTCL minutes, 100 other network minutes, and 3500 SMS. Customers of Ufone can have uninterrupted connectivity without having to worry about resource depletion or balance issues.

Key Features and Benefits

Talk Time

With plenty of talk time included in the service, customers can call any network in Pakistan. Customers are able to hold in-depth discussions with friends, family, and coworkers when they have enough time.


The Mini Super Card provides 3500 SMS texts for talk time. Effective communication is ensured even in the absence of an internet connection by the ability for users to text anyone in the country.

Internet Data

The Mini Super Card provides 3 GB of internet data for browsing, social media use, and accessing a variety of online services, in light of our growing dependency on the internet. Users are able to stay connected, visit their preferred websites, and remain current with news and trends thanks to this.

Affordable Pricing

The Mini Super Card’s price is one of its best features. Being reasonably priced and providing excellent value for money, it’s a perfect option for those on a tight budget who yet wish to have unbroken mobile service.

Activation Process

It’s easy to activate the Mini Super Card.

  • Using your Ufone SIM card, dial *230#.
  • A confirmation mail including the package details that have been activated will be sent to you.
  • Use your Ufone Mini Super Card to browse the internet, send SMS, and make calls right now.

Validity and Usage Details

The Mini Super Card has a limited validity time that allows users to make use of the resources allotted to them. To get the most out of the program, you must be aware of its validity and usage specifics. Note the following important points:

  • After activation, the Mini Super Card is good for 15 days.
  • Users can use their Ufone SIM card to dial *706# to check their remaining money, data use, and validity.
  • In accordance with the customer’s tariff plan, recurring fees will be incurred if the package is not resubscribed to within 15 days.


To meet Ufone customers’ communication needs, the Mini Super Card is a practical and reasonably priced mobile bundle that includes talk time, SMS, and internet access. With its reasonable cost, ample allocations, and easy activation process, the Mini Super Card is a wonderful deal. The Mini Super Card lets you stay connected, have continuous conversation, and get the most out of your mobile experience. You can look up Super Card Max as well.

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