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Welcome to JazzFi to the Communication World

In the era of digital revolution, communication is now essential for establishing global connections between individuals. The future of phone and video communication has here with the debut of JazzFi, Pakistan’s groundbreaking phone and Video over WiFi (VoWiFi) service. Jazz Fi, which is powered by cutting-edge technology, promises to transform communication by delivering seamless connectivity and improved user experiences. Jazz, Pakistan’s top telecom provider, is now offering the country’s first voice over WiFi calling service. Jazz currently provides a number of really well-liked bundles for its customers.

Journey to Empowerment Overview of JazzFi

JazzFi is the result of an ongoing digital transformation motivated by a desire to uplift society. The innovative VoWiFi service is intended to provide numerous benefits over conventional phone conversations and WiFi services. Jazz-Fi uses cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality calls, continuous voice and data usage, and a host of other cutting-edge capabilities that elevate audio and video communication to new levels.

Charges Of Jazz Fi Service?

This service is free for all Jazz customers, but you need a phone that supports VoWiFi calling and a 4G Jazz sim.

How To Use This Service?

If your handset is compatible with VoWiFi calling simply, you need to enable WiFi calling option in your settings.

Advantages of JazzFi

We examine the various benefits that Jazz-Fi provides to its users in this section. Jazz Fi goes above the constraints of traditional communication techniques, providing uninterrupted video conferencing and crystal-clear phone connections. Let’s examine more closely at the main advantages of using jazz-fi:

Smooth Voice Calls: Even in places with spotty cellular service, Jazz Fi guarantees clear, continuous voice calls. Say goodbye to interrupted calls and static noise.

Continuous phone and Data Usage: Jazz-Fi allows customers to take use of phone calls in addition to concurrent internet browsing or other data-intensive applications.

Cost-Effectiveness: Jazz Fi is an affordable option because it uses WiFi to facilitate audio and video communication, which reduces the need for cellular data.

Increased Battery Life: By using Jazz-Fi for voice calls, you can lessen the strain on your phone’s battery and increase the amount of time between charges.
Enhanced Privacy: To protect your audio and video chats, Jazz-Fi uses cutting-edge encryption and security technologies.

VoWiFi to VoLTE Handover: Jazz Fi ensures that you stay connected even when you are outside of WiFi coverage by seamlessly switching between VoWiFi and VoLTE networks.

Enhanced Privacy: To protect your audio and video chats, Jazz-Fi uses cutting-edge encryption and security technologies.

Accessibility: Jazz Fi enables customers to communicate voice and video even on non-VoLTE-capable smartphones.

The Technology Behind JazzFi

Modern technology that transforms communication is the basis of JazzFi’s outstanding performance. We examine the technical elements in this section that enable Jazz-Fi to provide a smooth and effective communication experience.

VoWiFi System
Voice over WiFi, or VoWiFi, enables customers to place voice calls over a WiFi network as opposed to a standard cellular network. It ensures improved voice quality and drastically lowers call dropouts by using Internet Protocol (IP) networks to deliver voice traffic. By utilizing this technology, JazzFi gives customers a dependable speech channel for dependable, uninterrupted audio calls.

HD Voice Calls
JazzFi is dedicated to providing high-quality phone calls. JazzFi improves the clarity of conversations by supporting High Definition (HD) voice calls, which makes every word clear and distinct. HD audio calls bring communication to a whole new level, whether it’s for business or a chat with loved ones.

Sensible Call Distribution
JazzFi maximizes call delivery using intelligent call routing, which chooses the best network (cellular or WiFi) based on signal strength and availability. No matter where they are, this functionality makes sure that users get the finest call quality possible.

Smooth Transition
During active calls, customers can seamlessly switch between WiFi and cellular networks thanks to JazzFi’s seamless handover feature. This guarantees that discussions will not end even if you switch between various network coverage zones.

Optimization of Codecs
JazzFi optimizes audio and video data compression using cutting-edge codecs, allowing for effective data transfer without sacrificing quality. The utilization of this technology is essential to attaining a seamless communication encounter using JazzFi.


In conclusion, JazzFi represents a huge advancement in the field of audio and video communication. JazzFi promises an unmatched communication experience with its cutting-edge VoWiFi technology, HD voice calls, and smooth switching between WiFi and cellular networks. For both personal and professional use, JazzFi makes sure you keep in touch, interact with ease, and take advantage of voice and video communication’s future.

Compatible Handsets List

SamsungA02SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z Flip
SamsungA03SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G
SamsungA04SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FLIP2 5G
SamsungA11SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FLIP3 5G
SamsungA12SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FLIP4
SamsungA13SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FLIP4 5G
SamsungA21sSamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FOLD2 5G
SamsungA22SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FOLD2 LTE
SamsungA23SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FOLD3 5G
SamsungA31SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z FOLD4
SamsungA32SamsungSamsung S23
SamsungA33SamsungSamsung Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G
SamsungA51DigitSwift Biz Solutions Pvt Ltd Digit GLORY1/Digit Glory
SamsungA52Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom BF7/POP 7 PRO/Spark GO 2023
SamsungA52sTecno TelecomTecno Telecom BF7N/Tecno Spark GO 2023
SamsungA53Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom CG7/Camon 17P
SamsungA71Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom CH6H/Camon 18T
SamsungA72Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom CH6I/Camon 19 NEO
SamsungA73Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom CH9N/Camon 18 Premier
SamsungFold 2Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom KG5J/Tecno Spark 8C
SamsungFold 4Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom KG5K/Tecno Spark 8C
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited PR652B/Hot 10iTecno TelecomTecno Telecom PR651/Tecno Spark 7/Tecno Spark 7P
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X6511B/Smart 6Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom PR651E/Tecno Spark 7
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X6515/Smart 7Tecno TelecomTecno Telecom PR651H/Tecno Spark 7
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X659B/Hot 10iVivoV20SE
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X663/Note 11VivoV25E
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X663B/Note 11VivoVivo 1901/Y15
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X671B/Note 12 PRO 5GVivoVivo 1937/X50 Lite
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X672/Note 12 VIPVivoVivo 1940/X50 PRO/Y30
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X6817/Hot 12VivoVivo 2004/X50
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X6817B/HOT 12VivoVivo 2005/X50
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X6817C/HOT 12 PROVivoVivo 2006/X50 PRO
Infinix Technology LimitedInfinix Technology Limited X693/Note 10VivoVivo I2022/iQOO 9 PRO
Itel Technology LimitedItel Technology Limited P682LP/Vision 3 PLUS(P38 PRO)VivoVivo V1731CA/Y73
Itel Technology LimitedItel Technology Limited P682LPN/Vision 3 PlusVivoVivo V1930/X50E 5G
Itel Technology LimitedItel Technology Limited S661L/Vision 3VivoVivo V1955A/Iqoo 3
Itel Technology LimitedItel Technology Limited S661LP/Vision 3VivoVivo V2001A/X50
Itel Technology LimitedItel Technology Limited S665L/S23VivoVivo V2002A/Y70S
SamsungLimited M seriesVivoVivo V2005A/X50 PRO
SamsungN20 seriesVivoVivo V2011A/X50 PRO Plus
VivoS1PROVivoVivo V2024/Y51
SamsungS20 seriesVivoVivo V2028/Y11S/Y20I
SamsungS21 FeVivoVivo V2030/Y51
SamsungS21 seriesVivoVivo V2031A/Y73S
SamsungS22 seriesVivoVivo V2037/Y20G
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A02VivoVivo V2048A/S9e
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A02SVivoVivo V2050/V21/V21 5G/V21S 5G
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A03SVivoVivo V2055A/Iqoo NEO5
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A04VivoVivo V2056A/X60PRO Plus
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A04SVivoVivo V2058/Y53s
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A11VivoVivo V2059/Y73
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A12VivoVivo V2072A/S9
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A13Vivo V2073A/iQOO Z3
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A13 4GVivoVivo V2101/Y20A (2021)
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A13 5GVivoVivo V2105/X70 PRO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A20VivoVivo V2109/Y33s
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A21VivoVivo V2110/Y21s
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A21SVivoVivo V2111/Y21
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A22VivoVivo V2111A/Y53s 5G
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A22 5GVivoVivo V2114/X70 PRO Plus
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A23VivoVivo V2115/V23e
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A23 5GVivoVivo V2116/V23e
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A31VivoVivo V2118/Y01
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A32VivoVivo V2118A/Iqoo NEO3S/Iqoo NEO5
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A32 5GVivoVivo V2121A/S10 PRO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A32 LTEVivoVivo V2126/V23e 5G
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A33 5GVivoVivo V2129/Y20T
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A51VivoVivo V2131A/iQOO Z5x
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A51 5GVivoVivo V2134/Y15A
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A52VivoVivo V2141/T1 5G
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A52 5GVivoVivo V2144/X80
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A52S 5GVivoVivo V2145/X80 PRO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A53 5GVivoVivo V2145A/X70 PRO Plus
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A71VivoVivo V2146/Y33T
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A71 5GVivoVivo V2147/Y15C
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A72VivoVivo V2148A/Iqoo Z5 PRO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A73 5GVivoVivo V2150/T1 5G
SamsungSamsung Galaxy Note 20 5GVivoVivo V2157/T1 5G
SamsungSamsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GVivoVivo V2164PA/Y73T
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20VivoVivo V2166/Y01A
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 5GVivoVivo V2172A/iQOO 9 PRO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 FEVivoVivo V2183A/X80
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 FE 5GVivoVivo V2185A/X80 PRO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 FE LTEVivoVivo V2199A/Iqoo NEO6 SE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 PlusVivoVivo V2203/Y02/Y02S
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5GVivoVivo V2204/Y16/Y16 JIO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 UltraVivoVivo V2212/Y15C
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GVivoVivo V2213/Y02/Y02 JIO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21VivoVivo V2214/Y02 JIO/Y16
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21 5GVivoVivo V2217/Y02
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21 FEVivoVivo V2236/Y02
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21 FE 5GVivoX70PRO
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5GVivoY12S
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GVivoY21
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S22VivoY21A
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S22 PlusVivoY30
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S22 UltraVivoY35
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S23VivoY53S
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S23 PlusVivoY55
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S23 UltraSamsungZ Flip
Compatible Handsets List

Audio over WiFi, also known as WiFi/WiFi Calling, is an extension of VoLTE that enables users to send text messages or have audio and video chats over a WiFi network by utilizing the built-in dialing mechanism of their mobile phone. When in areas with poor or zero cellular coverage, including indoors, underground, or inside buildings, the increased value stands out the most. In these situations, a robust WiFi connection serves as an alternate for a cellular signal, allowing regular call, message, and other service features. You must have a smartphone with both VoLTE and VoWiFi capabilities in order to use this functionality.

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