Jazz Postpaid Offers

Jazz provides a range of packages to its clients, such as Internet, Call, and SMS incentives to stay in touch with friends and family.

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Jazz customers may now experience fantastic 4G internet for streaming, gaming, browsing, and socializing with loved ones for the entire month with Postpaid Data Offers.

Bolt-OnData VolumePrice (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
Monthly WhatsApp6 GBRs.2501-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Browser1 GBRs.3501-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Streamer4 GBRs.7501-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Premium10 GBRs.10001-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Supreme20 GBRs.23001-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Super28 GBRs.23001-month*446*1*1#
Monthly Ultimate55 GBRs.45001-month*446*1*1#
Postpaid Internet Packages

Once-Off Offers

Once-Off OfferData VolumePrice (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
Data Add On 11 GBRs.5001-month*446*1*2#
Data Add On 22 GBRs.6001-month*446*1*2#
Data Add On 34 GBRs.8001-month*446*1*2#
Once-Off Offers

Jazz Postpaid Call Packages

Jazz provides its clients with a recurring monthly call plan. Jazz customers can now subscribe to the packages below and make calls to any local network in Pakistan. With the exception of once-off offers, these bundles will automatically renew.

Bolt-OnAll-Net (Minutes)Price (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
J All Network ‚ÄčLite115 minsRs.3001-month*446*3*1#
J All Network Mini225 minsRs.5001-month*446*3*1#
J All Net Smart335 minsRs.6001-month*446*3*1#
J All Net Super450 minsRs.9501-month*446*3*1#
J All Network Basic575 minsRs.12001-month*446*3*1#
J All Network Unlimited1200 minsRs.20001-month*446*3*1#
Postpaid Call Packages

Once-Off Offers

Add-OnAll-Net (Minutes)Price (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
100 All-Net100 minsRs.3001-month*446*3*2#
200 All-Net200 minsRs.5001-month*446*3*2#
Once-Off Offers

Jazz Postpaid All In One Bundles

Jazz now offers postpaid consumers all-in-one bundles that include SMS, Internet data, and all network minutes.

Bolt-OnDataAll-Net (Minutes)SMSPrice (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
All-In-One Lite2 GB100 mins1000Rs.6001-month*446*2*1#
All-In-One Budget5 GB225 mins2000Rs.10001-month*446*2*1#
All-In-One Mega17 GB550 mins5000Rs.23001-month*446*2*1#
All In One Bundles

Jazz Postpaid SMS Packages

Jazz provides its postpaid users with SMS plans. Clients send SMS all month long, around-the-clock.

Bolt-OnSMSData (WhatsApp)PriceValiditySubscription Code
JSMS-1250 (local)250 MBRs.751-month*446*4*1#
J All Network Mini750 (local)750 MBRs.1251-month*446*4*1#
J All Net SmartUnlimited*Rs.2251-month*446*4*1#
Postpaid SMS Packages

The 6000 SMS Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is in effect.

Once-Off Offers

Once-Off OfferSMSPrice (Incl. Tax)ValiditySubscription Code
Jazz 2000 Add-On2000Rs.1001-month*446*4*2#
Once-Off Offers

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