Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages

Telenor has a variety of postpaid plans designed to keep you connected without any problems because it knows how to listen to its customers. Telenor has you covered whether you’re a texter, netizen, or talker. Now, let’s examine the Telenor postpaid plans that are designed to meet your internet needs:

Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages

Ahh, the traditional SMS! Nothing compares the ease of sending a quick text message, even with the rise of social media. Telenor postpaid SMS bundles allow you to send an abundance of SMS messages, bringing back the allure of texting. Whether you’re sending plans, updates, or just a grin, these SMS packages guarantee that your messages will always be sent without any ifs or buts.

30 Days

SMS Bundle 1

Price : 41

  • SMS: 250
  • Subscribe: *345*761#

30 Days

SMS Bundle 2

Price : 82

  • SMS: 600
  • Subscribe: *345*762#

30 Days

SMS Bundle 3

Price : 275

  • SMS: 6000
  • Subscribe: *345*763#

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